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ISO Quality Policy
ISO Quality Policy

ISO 9001-2008


BRD Car World has established and maintains a quality system according to the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 “Quality Management System”.

This Quality Management System of BRD CAR WORLD LIMITED is established, documented, implemented and maintained in order to target continual improvements in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 International Standards.

The key business processes identified for Quality Management System and their application throughout the organization are :

  1. Sales Process
  2. Customer Related Process
  3. Purchase Process
  4. Store Process
  5. Maintenance Process
  6. Service of Vehicle Process
  7. Sales & Exchange of Old Vehicles Process
  8. Human Resources
  9. Training

Process Interaction consists of all the key processes of Quality Management System. These processes ensure effective planning, operation and inter linkage of activities being performed to demonstrate BRD’s ability for continual improvements in the products that meet Customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, which is explained detail in this website.

Our quest for quality in our systems and processes will remain ever and needless to say why we stand ahead in customer satisfaction levels since our inception till date painterly.

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