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A New Destination,A New Experience

Prestigious one and only NEXA Dealership in Thrissur set up at Kokkalai Thrissur by BRD Car World Limited. Show room was inaugurated by Mr. T Hashimoto Executive Director (M&S ) MSIL and Mr. RS Kalsi, Executive Director (M&S) MSIL at 11:30h on 02 DEC 2015

NEXA is New Hospitality Experience:

One of the core values of NEXA is pampering and hospitality. Pampering is about listening to the customer; it is about understanding his needs. The relationship managers have been trained to give the customer full attention when in conversation and being there when the customer requires. Besides, they will also exhibit qualities such as warmth, respect, courtesy and punctuality. Special attention has been accorded to maintaining customer privacy while the conversations are on. Specially designed cubicles and separate seating area fulfils this objective.

NEXA is New “Lifetime” Experience:

The Relationship Manager will ensure that the entire buying, after sales and ownership experience is smooth and hassle free. To ensure this the NEXA team has been trained using in-depth and holistic modules developed by ace trainer Dale Carnegie.


Another interesting feature is MyNEXA, a loyalty program that has been designed to offer rewards and recognition beyond the automotive industry. Through co-branded credit cards and tie-ups with lifestyle brands, MyNEXA makes the NEXA relationship more rewarding

NEXA is New Digital Experience:

NEXA will be one of the most digitally and technologically advanced buying experiences for automobile customers. Visit this website and read more about number of crimes. Equipped with state-of-the-art iPad, every Relationship Manager will deliver outstanding in-store experience. Going paper less, the car configurator provides a virtual experience to the customer. From Apple TVs that easily mirror iPad to a digital welcome when he comes in for delivery, the customer lives through a delightful virtual experience during his stay at NEXA. NEXA Owner’s App A Smart Phone Application is another technology enabler which helps the customer to recall service history, emergency support, accessory purchase, event updates, booking and manage service requests and even a choice of favorite music.

NEXA is New Design Experience:

 NEXA showrooms have been designed in a black and white prestige monochromatic theme that showcases the displayed vehicles in their full glory. Special attention has been given to in store lighting. The entire spotlight is on the car swipe n clean. A dedicated in-showroom delivery area, with LEDs and music, brightens up the customer’s biggest moment of joy – car delivery – manifold. Interestingly, at the NEXA showroom the customer’s first journey in his new vehicle starts when he drives out from a premium air-conditioned showroom.

TKM COMPLEX, TB ROAD, KOKKALAI, THRISSUR 680021 Sales Hot-line: 9072455555

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